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You are NOT alone. Whoever you are, however much you’re hurting, you are not alone and you. are. loved. You don’t know me, but I love you so much and if I could take away your pain, I would. Please, message me if you need someone to talk to; I will always be here for you.
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I’m actually crying right now, for real.




Today, March 1st, is Self-Injury Awareness Day.

Myth: People who cut and self-injure are trying to get attention. 
Fact: The painful truth is that people who self-harm generally do so in secret. They aren’t trying to manipulate others or draw attention to themselves. In fact, shame and fear can make it very difficult to come forward and ask for help.

Myth: People who self-injure are crazy and/or dangerous. 
Fact: It is true that many people who self-harm suffer from anxiety, depression, or a previous trauma—just like millions of others in the general population. Self-injury is how they cope. Slapping them with a “crazy” or “dangerous” label isn’t accurate or helpful.

Myth: People who self-injure want to die. 
Fact: Self-injurers usually do not want to die. When they self-harm, they are not trying to kill themselves—they are trying to cope with their pain. In fact, self-injury may be a way of helping themselves go on living. However, in the long-term, people who self-injure have a much higher risk of suicide, which is why it’s so important to seek help.

Myth: If the wounds aren’t bad, it’s not that serious.
Fact: The severity of a person’s wounds has very little to do with how much he or she may be suffering. Don’t assume that because the wounds or injuries are minor, there’s nothing to worry about.

I just was forced to spend 5 days in a pysc ward after admitting to an ER person that I had a history of self injury on top of my depression/anxiety. If anyone wants to talk or share experiences my ask box/formspring is open:

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